The company currently has over 1,000 customers, including some of the largest companies in Brazil

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Brazilian Guppy, a Brazilian tech startup, recently secured a BRL 500 million round led by SoftBank and Riverwood. This significant investment brings the company’s total value up to $1 billion, making it one of Brazil’s most valuable tech companies.

With over 1,000 customers, including some of the largest companies in Brazil, Brazilian Guppy is continuing to experience rapid growth and success.

In this article, we’ll discuss the company’s background and their latest round of funding.

Brazilian Gupy spins up a BRL 500 million round led by SoftBank and Riverwood

Brazilian Guppy is a technology-based company specialised in providing complex solutions to businesses, allowing them to meet their customers’ expectations regarding solutions quality and cost-effectiveness. The company was founded in 2008 to provide innovative solutions that improve businesses’ results.

The company’s main focus is on critical software, such as eCommerce, Business Intelligence and Asset Management systems, as well as enterprise applications for telephony and other communication needs. Brazilian Guppy also provides software development services for a wide range of products. In addition to fulfilling their primary remit of providing custom software solutions, Brazilian Guppy is an important enterprise cloud technology provider.

This type of service offering has been extremely successful for the company and has acquired over 1,000 customers worldwide, including some of the largest companies in Brazil. In addition, the success garnered by Brazilian Guppy has recently enabled it to secure a 500 million Brazilian Real (BRL) round led by SoftBank and Riverwood Capital. This remarkable milestone speaks volumes about their reception among global investors.

Given the recent investment into Brazilian Guppy and its 1,000+ customer base worldwide, this technology firm has become one of the most prominent players in the market — with further growth expected into 2021 and beyond.

Recent Funding Round

The Brazilian startup Guppy recently announced a $500 million investment round led by SoftBank and Riverwood Capital. This follows the successful launch of several products over the past year, including their first customer loyalty program. Additionally, the company has been able to expand beyond Brazil and into markets around the world.

The new investment comes when Guppy is looking to grow beyond its current client base of 1,000 customers and expand into new markets. This will enable them to create new products and streamline its customer service department, making it more readily available for larger companies. Through its product development strategy, focus on customer service and new marketing campaigns, Guppy has been able to upsell existing customers while deepening relationships in previously unexplored territories. With a lean management team that understands the nuances of its customer base and needs, this latest batch of funding will help propel them forward even further.

Company History

Brazilian Guppy was founded in 2020 to revolutionise how businesses access digital solutions. Since its inception, the company has grown exponentially and now boasts over 1,000 customers, including some of the most renowned companies in Brazil.

In 2021, the company completed a BRL 500 million investment round led by SoftBank and Riverwood, further accelerating its growth.

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This section looks at the history of Brazilian Guppy and how the company achieved its success.

Founded in 2016

Guppy was founded in 2016 by three Brazilian entrepreneurs, João Viotti, André Hernandes, and Otvio Guimarães. The founders shared a vision to develop an innovative platform that would allow organisations to take control of their private data and allow them to share and manage that data in ways that best suit their needs. Over the years, the company has made many advances in the sector due to its ability to offer companies unique solutions for their data management needs.

In 2019, Guppy secured its first venture round of BRL 500 million from SoftBank and Riverwood Capital. This significant funding raised the company’s total capital to over BRL600 million since inception. With this financial security, Guppy has continued to invest in product development, grow its domestic and international customer base, and expand into new markets such as digital banking and digital security/compliance.

Today, as a result of its strong entrepreneurial spirit and focus on customer-centric innovation, Guppy serves over 1,000 customers including some of the largest organisations in Brazil across multiple industries including finance/banking/insurance; retail; healthcare; technology; media; manufacturing; public services; education; energy/utilities; networking and communications. On average these businesses have hundreds of data sources with peta-scale capacity requirements. This poses a significant challenge for traditional enterprise decision making ecosystems that often rely on outdated technologies such as traditional spreadsheets or databases immune to monitoring or analysis.

Growth and Expansion

2018 – 2020

The company saw rapid growth over the next two years. In 2018, Brazilian Guppy achieved its first milestone with over 1,000 customers, including some of the largest companies in Brazil. Later that year, the company expanded its operations to North America and Europe.

In 2019, Brazilian Guppy received BRL 100 million in funding to help finance its operational growth in these new markets, strengthen their engineering resources, and expand their technology stack. The company also launched a new enterprise product line based on artificial intelligence technology.

In 2020, Brazilian Guppy expanded into Asia and launched its new payment suite connecting customers across all major markets with a single tap of their device. The same year witnessed another major milestone when Brazilian Guppy spun up a BRL 500 million round led by SoftBank and Riverwood. This enabled the company to become one of the most sought after tech startups worldwide with a global team strength of more than 250 people working towards building specialised solutions for businesses worldwide.

Products and Services

Brazilian Guppy provides various products and services for its customers, ranging from cloud hosting solutions to analytics tools. This allows companies of all sizes to access the technology they need for their businesses.

With the help of its experienced team of developers, Brazilian Guppy can help customers create custom solutions that fit their needs. It also supports the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, making it easier for companies to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital world.

Overview of Products and Services

The Brazilian Guppy company provides a comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet the needs of the modern business. From website design to cloud hosting, their highly qualified professionals provide exceptional solutions for customers across multiple industries. They have over 1,000 customers, including some of the largest companies in Brazil.

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The company offers a wide range of products suitable for small and large businesses. Their website design services include SEO optimization, holistic UX/UI designs, full website builds, and preparation for mobile optimization. They also offer e-commerce solutions such as payment gateway integration, product page optimization, AI-driven recommendations engines, user segmentation, and more.

On the cloud hosting side, the company provides scalable solutions for businesses to reduce their cost through automation and better resource allocation. This can include serverless computing architectures or virtual private clouds designed to offer excellent performance and reliability at an affordable price point.

The team also has access to cutting edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that allow them to optimise customer engagement with personalised marketing solutions based on customer behaviour data. With this unique approach, they can optimise campaigns much easier than ever, from text messages to programmatic ads powered by AI tools and machine learning techniques that identify audiences more accurately in real time. In addition, they have a network of over 500 media channels where they will run advertisements for customers that are guaranteed higher ROI than ever on traditional channels such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, etc. Their goal is not just running campaigns but providing clients with actual actionable insights they can use in all other parts of their business operations.

In June 2020 newest round BRL 500 million led by SoftBank Capitalism Fund III alongside Riverwood Capital, Vostok New Ventures & Endeavor Catalyst which raised the total amount BRL 725 million these investors brought diverse experiences & strategic support which was formulated into an exceptional strategy plan accordingly.

Target Markets

The company is targeting various market cultures, both locally and internationally. For example, in Brazil, the company focuses on customers from both its domestic market and international markets in neighbouring countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. The company also has a presence in select countries across Africa and Europe.

In line with the company’s mission to provide innovative products and services which meet the needs of each customer segment, the company’s target markets are primarily divided into three distinct categories:

-Large Enterprises: Large Enterprises are defined as those companies with 50 or more employees that generate high demand for our products and services. Most of these customers have a significant presence in Brazil but increasingly include international exposure from financial services, healthcare and telecommunications industries.

-SMEs: Small to medium-sized enterprises are defined as those organisations that typically have less than 50 employees yet still generate significant demand for our products and services. This segment represents a core part of Brazilian business culture where speed of innovation is critical for success.

-Startups & Innovators: Startup operations represent an important sector within Brazil’s economy, focusing on disruptive thinking and digital advancement to create new experiences that solve customer problems. This segment has seen great traction due to our ability to deliver solutions tailored to their needs while at the same time providing competitive cost structures which support their overall competitive position within their respective industry sectors.


Brazilian Guppy has earned the trust of an impressive list of customers, including some of the largest companies in Brazil. With over 1,000 customers, Brazilian Guppy is recognized as a leader in its space.

Customers benefit from robust cloud-based solutions that provide reliable and secure access and cost-effective results. As a result, Brazilian Guppy has grown its customer base exponentially, and has recently closed a BRL 500 million round led by SoftBank and Riverwood.

Overview of Customers

The company has an expansive base of over 1,000 customers ranging from large, multinational companies to small, local businesses. Some of the company’s most prominent clients include some of the largest corporations in Brazil. One example is Brazilian Guppy who recently secured a BRL 500 million round led by SoftBank and Riverwood. This provides evidence that the company can forge strong relationships with large organisations that require necessary resources and capital investments.

The client base comprises various industries: retail, healthcare, finance, technology, and education. The customer profile also has geographic diversity, spanning North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and India. This demonstrates that the company can offer services to diverse markets regardless of size or location.

Overall, this customer portfolio provides stability for the organisation as each customer provides short-term gains through revenue and long-term gains through continued relationships with fruitful partnerships.

Examples of Major Customers

The company has a comprehensive list of major clients, including some of the largest companies in Brazil, such as Itaú Unibanco (the largest financial institution in Latin America), Oi (a telecommunications operator) and Fashion Retail Group (the leading fashion retailer in the country).

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Additionally, there are significant international customers like McAfee (global cybersecurity company) and Globo Enterprises (one of the largest media companies in Brazil).

The company is also proud to have recently secured a 500 million Brazilian real funding led by SoftBank and Riverwood Capital. These investments have allowed them to expand their services to serve new markets.


Brazilian Guppy, a company providing software solutions to its customers, has announced it has raised BRL 500 million in a round of funding led by Softbank and Riverwood.

This funding will help Guppy build its product portfolio and accelerate its growth. It marks the first time the company has received funding on this scale, bringing its total funding to over BRL 1 billion.

Overview of Funding

The Brazilian Guppy, a provider of advanced human resources technology solutions, recently closed a BRL 500 million round of funding.

Details of BRL 500 Million Round

The Brazilian guppy organisation has announced a new BRL 500 million round of funding to support its continued growth and expansion in Brazil. The round, led by SoftBank and Riverwood, includes participation from several other investors, including Tencent, GGV Capital and KKR.

This massive injection of capital strongly indicates the faith the international investment community has in the future of the Brazilian guppy organisation. With this new financing, company executives plan to expand their operations and create new jobs in Brazil. A portion of the funds will also bolster strategic partnerships worldwide.

The Brazilian guppy is positioning themselves as one of the leading platforms for small businesses and microentrepreneurs in Latin America. By leveraging technology and data to identify opportunities for growth and innovation, they are providing economic opportunities that have never been available before. With continued investment such as this BRL 500 million round, executives expect the Brazilian guppies will become even more significant players in Latin American markets.



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