An Architecture Lover’s Guide to Brussels: 5 Must-Visit Locations

Often fondly called the Heart of Europe, Brussels is a charming spectacle of architectural grandeur — a tapestry of time, as it were. Every nook and corner of this city teems with remarkable designs that narrate an eloquent tale of the city’s historical and artistic journey.

From grandiose medieval edifices to audacious contemporary structures, Brussels has it all. This guide takes you on an enthralling journey through Brussels’ architectural landscape, exploring some of its must-visit locations. Get ready to be awed.

First Stop, Convenience

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is lug your suitcases around the city. Especially if you’re visiting Brussels as part of a long journey or are backpacking through Europe, it can be a serious hassle to always have a giant pack strapped to your back.

That’s where the convenience of the Brussels Midi station steps in. With luggage storage in Brussels Midi, you can drop off your heavy bags and embark on your architectural adventure without constantly dragging a rolling bag along the cobblestones.

Not only does this make the journey more enjoyable, but it also provides the freedom to spontaneously check out local cafes, pop into intriguing shops, or simply park in a square to watch the world go by.

Besides, Brussels is a dream for pedestrians because it’s compact and easy to navigate. Add to that the highly efficient public transportation system, and you’ve got a city that’s practically begging to be explored. Whether you’re strolling through winding, cobblestone lanes or hopping on and off the tram, discovering Brussels’ architectural jewels is a breeze.

World-Class Historical and Architectural Marvels

An architectural sojourn in Brussels would be incomplete without a visit to the Grand Place (or La Grand-Place), a UNESCO World Heritage site. This 17th-century city square is a symphony of ornate guild houses, the stately Town Hall, and the King’s House. The detailing on these buildings will leave you spellbound, and the stories they hold within their walls will transport you back in time.

No less impressive is the Royal Palace, a testament to Brussels’ royal legacy. This magnificent edifice is an intriguing blend of Classicism and Neo-Classicist style. Stand in the Palace Square, take a moment, and let the beauty of this architectural wonder sink in. Just imagine the countless footsteps that have echoed through its halls over the centuries. If walls could talk, what tales they’d tell!

With these locations, you’re just beginning to scratch the surface of Brussels’ architectural delights.

One-of-a-Kind Art Nouveau Gems

Let’s shift our focus to the Art Nouveau marvels that Brussels proudly boasts. The name Victor Horta resonates with architecture enthusiasts across the globe. And rightly so — Horta was a maestro who left his mark on the city. His residence, now the Horta Museum and Hotel Tassel, is a testament to his genius. The fluid lines, intricate ironwork, and organic forms typical of Art Nouveau are abundantly present in these buildings. It’s like poetry in stone.


Another stop on your Art Nouveau tour should be Saint-Cyr House. Its dazzling façade is a head-turning, exquisite display of Art Nouveau extravagance. Savor the intricate details and the drama that the narrow yet resplendent frontage of this building adds to the cityscape.

Modern and Contemporary Highlights

Not one to lag behind in contemporary architectural advancements, Brussels also features iconic modern structures. The Atomium, a colossal model of an iron molecule, is a vision of scientific imagination merged with architectural innovation. Its gleaming spheres and interconnecting tubes symbolize the peaceful use of atomic energy, making it a stunning beacon of the atomic age.

Equally compelling is the European Parliament, a prime example of how architecture blends functionality with symbolism. The complex design embodies the spirit of unity, cooperation, and democracy. This building is an international statement you shouldn’t miss exploring.

Off the Beaten Path Oddities

Brussels has its fair share of eccentricities, too. It’s not all grand squares and royal palaces! Head to the Laeken district, and you’ll find the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower.


These outlandish constructions, replete with oriental motifs and exotic appeal, contrast sharply with the traditional European architecture elsewhere in Brussels. It’s like stepping into a different world, right in the heart of the city.

Putting It All Together

Brussels is an architectural wonderland. With this guide, we hope you have the chance to explore the city’s captivating architectural landscape at your leisure, all while knowing your belongings are safely stowed away at the luggage storage in Brussels Midi. Lace up those walking shoes and hit the streets — a world of architectural splendor awaits you!



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