Seller Beware: Understanding the Risks of Selling a Home by Yourself

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·   Decrease in FSBO Transactions: Data since 1981 shows a considerable decline in For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions, with only 7% of home sales in 2023, marking the lowest since data collection began.

·   Growing Preference for Agents: The drop in FSBO sales reflects a growing seller preference for engaging real estate agents, attributed to the perceived complexities and challenges of selling a home independently.

·   Financial Disadvantages of FSBO: Homes sold through FSBO in 2022 had a median price of $310,000, lower than the $405,000 median for agent-assisted sales, indicating a 5.5% price disadvantage even after accounting for agent commissions.

·   Challenges in FSBO Sales:

o Pricing Issues: Over half of FSBO listings are initially priced too high, often requiring price adjustments.

o Limited Exposure: Without access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), FSBO homes suffer from reduced market exposure.

o Legal and Workload Complexities: FSBO sellers face considerable legal and paperwork challenges, as well as the demands of marketing, organizing showings, and negotiating, which can lead to errors and inefficiencies.

·   Majority Preference for Agents: About 83% of sellers choose agent support, valuing their expertise in pricing, marketing, negotiation, and overall management of the sale process.

·   Assessment for Potential FSBO Sellers: Individuals considering FSBO must evaluate their own abilities and market knowledge against the potential savings on commissions and the risks involved in managing the sale process without professional assistance.

Data collected since 1981 illustrates a stark decrease in For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions, which accounted for only 7% of home sales in 2023. This figure represents the lowest share recorded since the commencement of data collection, highlighting a more than 50% drop in FSBO sales from 1981 to 2023. Such a decline indicates a growing preference among sellers to engage real estate agents for conducting sales, which might be attributed to the complexities and challenges associated with selling a home independently. Despite the potential for savings on commissions, the data suggests that sellers are increasingly opting for the expertise and resources offered by agents, underscoring the perceived value of professional involvement in the home selling process.


The financial implications of choosing FSBO over agent-assisted sales are important as well. Homes sold through FSBO in 2022 fetched a median price of $310,000, which is noticeably lower than the $405,000 median price for homes sold with the help of an agent. Even after accounting for commission payments to agents, FSBO homes tend to sell for approximately 5.5% less than similar properties managed by real estate professionals. This discrepancy can be primarily attributed to the pricing and marketing strategies employed by agents, which are evidently more effective in securing higher sale prices for homes.

The Challenges and Implications of FSBO Sales

Choosing to sell a home without the assistance of a real estate agent entails a number of substantial challenges and responsibilities for the seller. Among these challenges, pricing emerges as a considerable obstacle. Over half of FSBO listings are initially set at prices too high, necessitating subsequent reductions. This tendency highlights the difficulty in accurately assessing the value of one’s home without the comprehensive market data and comparative market analyses typically utilized by agents.

Further complicating the FSBO process is the issue of exposure. Homes sold independently cannot be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a critical tool that agents use to ensure widespread visibility among potential buyers. FSBO homes instead rely on alternative and often less popular listing platforms, limiting their exposure to the market.

Legal complexities and the workload involved in conducting a home sale independently also present substantial risks to FSBO sellers. From navigating the legal requirements around disclosures to managing the intricacies of paperwork and contract terms, sellers face numerous potential pitfalls that could lead to costly errors. Additionally, the extensive effort required in marketing, organizing showings, screening prospective buyers, and negotiating offers can overwhelm sellers, impacting the efficiency and success of the sale process.


Given these considerations, it becomes apparent why a majority of sellers, approximately 83%, opt for the support of an agent who can oversee the entire selling process. Through pricing expertise, marketing strategies, negotiation skills, and comprehensive management of the sale, agents represent an invaluable asset for sellers aiming to achieve optimal outcomes. As such, individuals considering the FSBO route must thoroughly assess their own abilities and market knowledge to determine if the potential commission savings justify the array of challenges and risks inherent in self-managed home sales. For those seeking professional assistance in selling their homes, finding a viable solution can be as straightforward as opting to find a realtor who can provide the necessary expertise to navigate the sale process successfully.



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