How to Become a Local Guide

Are you a local explorer looking for ways to make money? Then the Google Local Guides program might be a great option for you! You can earn rewards and recognition from Google by contributing your local knowledge and experiences. In this article, we’ll discuss if it’s possible to get paid as a Google Local Guide.


Google Local Guides are a community of volunteers who contribute to Google Maps by writing reviews, sharing photos, and adding or editing information about businesses, landmarks, and other points of interest. As of now, Google Local Guides are not paid for their contributions but are rewarded with benefits such as early access to new Google features, badges, and recognition. However, in some countries like India and Indonesia, Google offers small cash incentives for Local Guides who contribute high-quality content.

Pro Tip: Being an active Google Local Guide is an excellent way to increase your online presence and help others discover local businesses and places.

What is Google Local Guides?

Google Local Guides is a program where people can contribute to Google Maps by providing information, reviews, ratings, and photos of the places they have visited. It is a platform that allows users to help others discover new places to explore and navigate through an area with ease. But do Google Local Guides get paid for their contributions? While being a Local Guide is voluntary and no money is paid by Google directly, you can earn perks and benefits for your contributions. The more you contribute, the higher the level you reach, and the better the rewards.

Here are the benefits you can earn:

  • Level 1: Access to exclusive contests, events, and early access to new Google features.
  • Level 2: Free 1TB storage on Google Drive, access to special promotions and discounts.
  • Level 3: Invite-only events at Google offices, a badge showcasing your Local Guide level, and opportunities to test products before they are released to the public.

In conclusion, Google Local Guides do not receive direct payments for their contributions; instead, they earn exclusive perks and benefits.

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Benefits of Being a Google Local Guide

Being a Google Local Guide comes with a host of benefits. Not only do you get to share your knowledge about local places with the world, but you also earn rewards for your contributions. However, being a Google Local Guide is not a paid job.

Benefits of Being a Google Local Guide:

1. Recognition: As a Local Guide, you earn points for submitting reviews, adding photos, and correcting information about places. The more points you earn, the higher your level, and the more recognition you get.

2. Invitations to Exclusive Events: Top-level Local Guides get invited to exclusive events, such as product launches and community meetups.

3. Early Access to New Google Features: As a Local Guide, you get early access to new Google features and updates.

4. Free Google Drive Storage: Local Guides at level 4 and above get 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years.

5. Chance to Make a Difference: Being a Local Guide gives you the opportunity to make a difference by helping people discover new places and experiences.

How to Become a Google Local Guide

Becoming a Google Local Guide is a great way to contribute to your community while improving your writing and photography skills. But do Google Local Guides get paid for their efforts?

The answer is no, Google Local Guides do not get paid monetarily for their contributions. However, they can earn perks like early access to new features and products, recognition in the Google Maps app, and invitations to special events.

Here are the steps to become a Google Local Guide:

1. Sign in to your Google account

2. Go to the Google Maps app or website and click on the menu button

3. Select “Become a Local Guide”

4. Review the terms and conditions and click “Agree”

5. Start contributing by writing reviews, uploading photos, and adding missing places.

Remember, becoming a Google Local Guide is a voluntary activity and should be done out of a desire to help others and improve the accuracy of local information on Google Maps.

Do Google Local Guides Get Paid

Google Local Guides do not get paid by Google. However, they can earn rewards like free storage options, early access to Google features, and invitations to exclusive events. These rewards are earned by contributing to the Google Maps community through writing reviews, adding photos, editing information, and answering questions. The more contributions you make, the higher your Local Guides level, and the more rewards you can unlock. Though there is no monetary compensation from Google for being a Local Guide, people who enjoy exploring new places and helping others find their way can benefit from the community and perks that being a Local Guide offers.

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Other Benefits of Being a Google Local Guide

Google Local Guides program not only offers a platform for the users to share their knowledge and insights with millions of people worldwide about places and businesses in their community, but also provides additional benefits to its contributing members beyond social recognition.

Some of the other benefits of being a Google Local Guide include:

  • Access to exclusive events and workshops hosted by Google
  • Early access to new Google products and features
  • Free cloud storage on Google Drive
  • Discounts on select Google products and services
  • A chance to earn special perks by participating in Local Guides challenges.

While being a Google Local Guide does not offer direct monetary compensation, the benefits and recognition from the program are rewarding in their own right. In conclusion, yes, Google Local Guides can get paid, but not all of them do. The Google Local Guides program is an initiative that encourages users to contribute content to Google Maps by writing reviews, uploading photos, and adding new places to Google Maps. The program rewards active contributors with points, badges, and perks but does not offer direct monetary compensation. However, some Local Guides might receive financial compensation or benefits indirectly, such as free products or services, invitations to events, or special perks from local businesses looking to promote themselves on Google Maps. Overall, being a Google Local Guide can be a rewarding experience, both in terms of personal satisfaction and potential perks, but it should not be pursued as a primary source of income.


Google Local Guides are not paid monetarily for their contributions; instead, they receive rewards in the form of points, badges, and access to exclusive perks. These rewards are commensurate with the number and quality of your contributions, such as writing reviews, uploading photos, and correcting information. As you accumulate points, you can level up and gain access to perks like free Google Drive storage, early access to new Google products, and access to exclusive events. Additionally, Google offers a range of online resources to help Local Guides improve their skills, connect with other Guides, and learn more about contributing to Google Maps. These resources include interactive workshops, webinars, and online forums where Guides can ask questions and share knowledge.



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