Are You Looking for Ohio Land for Sale?

Ohio should be on your radar if you are in the market for land. Located in the Midwestern part of the United States, the state is affectionately known as the “Buckeye State” and the “Mother of Presidents.” In Ohio, buyers can find exceptional woodland for hunting and fertile land for growing crops.

What’s so Special About Ohio Land?

The interesting thing about Ohio and its land is that more than half of America’s potential land buyers are within a one-day drive of the state. What is it that lures people to Ohio land for sale? The population could be a starting factor. Ohio is the seventh most populous state in the United States, boosting three metropolitan areas. Despite the large population, the state still has plenty of underdeveloped rural land. For example, the Appalachian region of eastern Ohio comprises 29 counties. That’s a third of the land and only 12% of the people.


Another draw could be the affordable hunting properties and family retreats that are available. These kinds of activities will catch the attention of families that want to spend more time outdoors. One precious area of the state is Hocking Hills, which has very desirable properties among the region’s numerous state parks and forests. For those looking for a thrill, more than 50 zip lines have been erected in Hocking Hills.

Cedar Park

Ohio is also home to the nation’s second-oldest amusement park. Cedar Park is still in operation and has more rollercoasters than any other amusement park in America. The park is so popular that it hosts more visitors during the summer than any other theme park, more than three million.

Amish Population

Since central Ohio was scraped clean by glaciers tens of thousands of years ago, the land is exceptionally fertile. As a result, much of the land in this area is owned by the Amish, and Ohio has the largest Amish population in North America. Holmes County is the state’s largest settlement.

Fun Facts About Ohio

For the rock lovers out there, “Hang On, Sloopy” is the state’s official rock song. While you’re listening to the music, you may want a snack. In that case, the hot dog was invented in Ohio in 1900. Women will also feel safe knowing that Ohio was the first state to recognize crimes against women and was the first to create laws for the protection of women.


As you can see, Ohio has a lot to offer, especially for those with families. Whether you’re looking for fertile land, thrills, or somewhere to spend more time with your family outdoors, Ohio is the place to be. They also have an outstanding educational system for the kids.



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