California to Georgia Car Shipping – Cost, Procedure, And Shipping Length

People from California usually travel to Georgia when they move or go on vacation. Although a road trip to this state can be an exciting and unforgettable experience, when you’re busy or don’t have enough driving experience, it’s best to “move” your car using car transportation services.

When you need California to Georgia car transport, you must find a reliable vehicle transportation company. Many carriers operate in the Golden State, and such fierce competition gives you the chance to grab some great shipping deals but also to make some costly mistakes (more details here). To prevent them, here’s what you should do before you ship your four-wheeler from Cali to Georgia.

Decide on Shipping Time

When you move or travel from California to Georgia, you most likely know the departure day. Before that time comes, you have to do many things, and one of them is the organization of your four-wheeler transport. To begin, determine the date or approximate time when a carrier should haul your vehicle.

Booking transportation services should always be done in advance. This way, you avoid high costs, reservation problems, cancellations, and delays. When you have a place in the trailer reserved on time, you just have to wait for a carrier to file its load and start the journey. Every reputable shipper in California will keep you posted about this.

Peak seasons for shippers in California are the spring and summer, as well as holidays and weekends. Work days and winter months are less busy, so vehicle hauling will cost you less in those periods. But keep in mind possible delays during winter due to bad weather conditions.

How to Find a Long-Distance Carrier

When searching for a transportation company to haul your four-wheeler from California to Georgia, the first step is to research local carriers. Look for reputable shippers by checking their online reviews and testimonials. These comments can be of great help as they can point out both the good and bad sides of a particular career. Then, check the company’s BBB rating, licensing, and registration with the DOT.

Eliminate shippers with no valid certification and poor reviews. Then, reach out to those you’ve shortlisted to inquire about shipping quotes. You can also check their websites to find out more about their services and get a free quote using online calculators. Take this estimate with a grain of salt, as rates for long-distance hauling can vary depending on many factors.

When choosing a carrier for California to Georgia car shipping, an absolute must is to ask about their liability insurance. You need it to have peace of mind during your vehicle transportation, as you can never know what can happen down the road. And in case any damage occurs on your car, you can file a claim and get compensation for any repairs your vehicle might need.


How Much California to Georgia Car Shipping Costs

In general, the distance between Cali and Georgia is a little over 2,000 miles, meaning the trip will take 5 or 6 days. The average price that carriers charge in this case is about $2,000 if you decide on open transport and terminal-to-terminal service.

In the case of door-to-door shipping, the price increases depending on mileage and deviation from the main route. If you want the car to arrive at your new Georgia address at the exact time or to be shipped a day or two after booking, that’ll cost you extra.

On the other hand, if you’re more flexible, you can save money and grab some favorable offers. Namely, some shipping reservations can be canceled at the last moment. Then, the transportation company offers these vacant places at a lower rate just to file the trailer.

Other factors that can affect the shipping quote are the car type, its condition, time of transportation, and delivery preferences. Let’s not forget the method of transport – you have already mentioned open shipping and enclosed shipping, which cost extra but bring additional protection to your four-wheeler.


Tips to Get Lower Shipping Rates

Vehicle shipping from California to Georgia is a paid service, but you can make it more affordable. First, consider shipping off-season to avoid peak times and high rates due to increased demand for car transportation services. Then, shop around and compare the carrier’s rates.

If you want more budget-friendly hauling, choose open trailer and terminal drop-off and delivery. It will cost you less to get there than pay for door-to-door service. As an alternative and cheaper transportation method, you can decide on shipping your four-wheeler by rail.

Visit the following web page to learn more about vehicle shipping by rail: 

Car hauling across the country is a demanding endeavor, but everything can be easier if you entrust this task to a reputable shipper. And in five or six days, your four-wheeler arrives from California to your new address in Georgia.

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