How to Select Reliable Solar Lighting Companies


Solar lighting is becoming commonplace because of the move toward using sustainable energy. It is one of the best alternative power options as it reduces carbon emissions, lasts for years, and is relatively cost-efficient, considering the long-term benefits. Many homes and businesses have moved to solar power, and more will move as the year progresses.

The trend goes beyond homes and commercial buildings; street lights in many cities are currently run on solar, and solar street lighting is popular. Because of this, knowing how to select trusted solar lighting companies is crucial. What makes a credible company, and how do you sift through the available options? This article guides you in making an informed decision about your lighting supply.

Factors that Guide You in Selecting Reliable Solar Lighting Companies

The following are crucial factors to consider when looking for suitable companies to supply solar lights to your home, business, or properties:

Brand Reputation

One of the most vital factors to consider when choosing any company is its reputation. It goes beyond what the official website says online; you must check for written or word-of-mouth ratings. A business’s reputation can make or mar your dealings, especially if you plan to pay a lot of money while using its services.

Solar lighting supplies can cost thousands of dollars, so carefully research the brand to learn all the good and bad parts. You must find out about its customer service, delivery options, years of experience, expertise in the field, and other vital aspects. It helps to pick more than one company to research to give yourself some navigating room.

That way, you can have options if your preferred choice does not meet your standards. If unsure, speak with friends, neighbors, and others who have successfully bought and used solar lighting for references and other information necessary for making the right decision.

Important Certifications

All contractors, including solar lighting companies and installers, have certifications and licenses that give them the authority to work in their field. Ensure your choices have the necessary certifications, licenses, and permits to sell and work in your area. This is even more necessary if the company will also install the lights.


The installers must know the regulations for installing and using solar lights in that area, if any, before commencing work. You want to employ a contractor with the training, expertise, and insurance to handle the lights, especially since there is always the possibility of damage. The replacement costs should not come out of your pocket.

Product Quality

Close to the heel of the company’s reputation is the quality of the products it offers. Reputation and product quality are inseparable because quality can only be obtained from a trusted brand. A credible business will only sell and install the best solar lighting, so your research must extend to that aspect.

Investing in top-quality solar lights is crucial because it is a long-term and cost-intensive venture, and you do not want to replace the lights quicker than the company guarantees. Find other users, preferably those who have used the products for a long time, and ask about the product’s performance over the years. Ask about the lights and other components of the system, especially the batteries.

Nothing works better than getting firsthand information from the field. However, note that the better the quality is, the more expensive the products might be, so have an open mind concerning the price. Also, ensure a product warranty for several years before committing to payment. The warranty should cover the hardware and repairs within the stipulated timeframe. Click here to learn more about the importance of product quality.


As mentioned, top-quality products are usually expensive, and if you must get the best the market offers, be prepared to spend good money. However, that does not mean you must break the bank to cover the costs. That is why having several options is important. Pick four or five companies and get quotes after informing them of the required products and services.

There are averages when it comes to pricing in the solar lighting industry. Still, some companies offer fairer prices than others, and having several options helps you select the best without compromise. Depending on the components required, you can easily compare prices and decide which service works best for your budget and needs.

The number of lights and other hardware can significantly affect costs, so it helps to have a reasonable budget. While quality does not always have to be ridiculously expensive, you must never sacrifice quality for the price. Some companies may offer low prices for these products, but you must carefully determine their product quality before paying.

Also, ask about installation and whether the prices cover labor. That should help you make a more comprehensive spending budget. In addition, consider the maintenance cost over the years; solar power and lighting require maintenance, although that is usually not regular. Still, you should monitor the products to ensure they work optimally as you use them.

Customer Service

One of the best parts of using solar lights is that they require little or no monitoring; they usually work well by themselves. Because of their durability, you save costs on maintenance and repairs. However, things can occasionally go wrong, and having standby help is crucial. You want to know that the company is available and willing to offer assistance at any time of the day.

Therefore, select a solar lighting company that offers 24/7 assistance and care for its customers. There should be a direct line to reach someone who can help in an emergency. Some companies have customer care representatives without the proper training to help with their services. A trained representative offers helpful information to fix problems or tide you over until professional help arrives.


If necessary, the company should be willing to send technical assistance to your house to sort out issues at odd hours unless they have no physical office or outlet in your area. Consider selecting one with a local office to ease access and physical support in that case. Check out this resource,, to understand the place of customer service in a company.


Several factors ease the process of selecting a reliable solar lighting company. They include the company’s reputation, experience, how long it has been in business and sales volume, product quality, customer service and support, and price. Additionally, check for certifications and licenses to ensure you work with a certified company or contractor without breaking the law or incurring additional costs.



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