Exploring Advertising on Peacock: Understanding Its Features


NBC’s Peacock streaming video service spilled directly into the mainstream discourse when the heads of the network decided to shift NFL football games from broadcast TV to the streaming realm. However, if you are like most people, you are wondering, “Does Peacock have ads?”.

Indeed, this streaming service presents the opportunity for businesses to advertise with ease. Advertisers are flocking to Peacock, no pun intended.

Connecting With Audiences Through Peacock

Peacock is a valuable platform for businesses to connect with new customers. The streaming service’s Trending section displays myriad information about sports, entertainment, culture, and more. Placing an ad on Peacock’s trending section presents brands in an artful and persuasive manner. Trending Ad sponsorships present brands next to the platform’s content for valuable exposure.

Peacock also presents the opportunity to advertise directly to viewing audiences within video content. However, every potential Peacock advertiser should be aware that the streaming service empowers subscribers to view content with minimal commercial interruption. The Peacock Premium Plus plan limits commercial interruptions through an upgrade, albeit at a cost.

The frequency of ads presented through Peacock content is determined by the type of content watched. The types of ads presented to viewing audiences hinge on the content streamed. Ads are presented prior to the stream and also in the midst of the streaming experience.

An Advertising Platform for Small and Large Businesses

There is a common misconception that Peacock advertising is exorbitantly expensive to the point that only large corporations can spend to advertise on the platform. The truth is Peacock streaming video ads are affordable for most businesses.

NBCUniversal has gone to the extent of launching programmatic advertising portals for Peacock TV. The portal provides businesses of small and medium size with access to advertising inventory, including tools for accurate measurement.


The Peacock Ad Manager platform empowers marketers to gain access to attribution that is full funnel for accurate measurement. The Peacock AX audience platform makes it easy to precisely target audiences through the tracking of ad performance throughout the purchase funnel. Such tracking accurately measures responses in the form of app downloads, online visits and more.

Explore the marketing opportunities available through Peacock, and you’ll find that the service empowers advertisers to set a budget and zero in on a target audience, even using key performance indicators to gauge success. The service empowers both small and medium-sized businesses to present highly effective ads to viewing audiences.

Explore the features of Peacock’s advertising service, and you’ll find that it allows for advanced targeting. Business owners, managers, and marketers use the platform’s performance insights to accurately attribute responses to individual ads.

Peacock’s Advertising Manager

The Peacock Ad Manager is an easy-to-use interface that empowers marketers with control over campaigns. The platform’s ad management portal was designed with small businesses in mind, setting the stage for establishing advertising goals, defining a budget, and choosing a target audience.

Tinker with the platform’s Ad Manager and you’ll find it features advanced targeting abilities. Such in-depth targeting presents a golden opportunity to take full advantage of the platform’s analytics and data. The targeting options make it easier to segment audiences in accordance with viewing habits, demographics and interests. The end result is elevated engagement with a target audience while paying for fewer ads than would be necessary on other platforms.

Peacock Ad Variety

Delve into Peacock’s ad types, and you’ll find a few options. Though the platform’s video ads have become quite popular, they are only one option. Aside from advertising in video and prior to the start of the video, Peacock also provides the opportunity to display ads in screensavers.


For example, consider a situation in which a Peacock viewer is inactive for a lengthy period of time. The user’s app times out due to inactivity, prompting a screensaver. The screensaver displays an ad from a business, occupying the majority of the screen. Such an advertising approach is highly effective as it guarantees the viewer sees the advertisement upon returning to the platform.

Banner ads presented on the platform’s home screen are also presented along the perimeter of the page. Though such positioning isn’t visually prominent, it is still effective. Such still-frame advertising is that much more effective when featuring content that is visually striking.

Sift through the Peacock advertising options, and you’ll find the platform is in-depth to the point that you are empowered to establish campaign details, including a budget. The minimum amount necessary for the campaign hinges on the desired results. Such latitude in advertising specifications is greater than that provided by conventional TV marketing.

Add in the fact that Peacock advertising costs less than that of a commercial aired on national TV and there is even more reason to choose the platform to connect with your target audience. Optimize your advertising campaign in accordance with your specific goals and you’ll find Peacock advertising can be tailored exactly as desired without a significant investment of time.



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