Local Moving: Your Ultimate Guide to Renting PODS Moving Containers for Your Home Storage Needs



Are you after a storage solution for your home? It doesn’t matter whether you need to store your belongings after moving or want to keep excess stuff when decluttering your home or office; PODS local moving containers will do the job perfectly.

PODS moving containers usually come with numerous benefits. The main one is that you can save big bucks compared to hiring a moving company. For instance, partnering with a top-rated PODS moving container service provider for an interstate move can cost you only a fourth of what a moving company would.

PODS moving containers offer a secure way to keep your belongings temporarily. This article explores the PODS moving container world. It provides a quick rundown of how PODS moving container service providers work. You’ll also discover the different container sizes available to pick from. Read further to discover more.

Renting PODS Moving Containers for Storage: Key Benefits

You’ll enjoy numerous benefits when you rent a PODS container for portable storage or moving, including:

  • It’s secure and cost-effective
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • It is flexible as it adheres to your schedule/timetable without extra fees
  • No need to load, drive, or rent a large truck to transport your belongings


Are you planning to move? Or looking for secure and cost-effective storage solutions? PODS containers are an excellent option for you. These containers are a popular choice because of their weather-resistant and steel-framed paneling. Also, their ramp-free loading is another appealing feature.

Each PODS container features tie-downs, a lock and key, and steel locking latches for security. Most providers ensure their containers can withstand up to 110 mph winds.

The Process of Renting PODS Containers for Your Local Moving

It is fairly simple to rent a PODS moving container. Let’s discover the steps you need to go through:

  • Know the purpose of renting it and for how long: What do you want to do? Keep? Transport? Or do both? If you want to use a PODS container for storage, decide whether to keep it on-site at your location or storage center. Remember that the duration also matters.
  • Pick container size, date, and delivery location: For both storage and moving, you need to pick a delivery location, date, and the ideal size for you.
  • Load the PODS container: Once you reserve your container, the provider will deliver it right to your doorstep. Once your container arrives, load it with friends or family.
  • Pick and delivery to the destination: The provider of the container will pick it up when you are ready and deliver it to your moving destination or the storage unit.

Storage Container Sizes for Local Moving

Top-rated providers like PODS offer three types of containers based on size. These containers are available for either business or personal storage or moving, both long and short-term. They include:


  • 7-foot container: With dimensions of 7’ x 7’ x 8’, this container is perfect for small-volume storage and moving. It’s popular for studio and apartment moves and storage.
  • 12-foot container: It’s approximately 12’ x 8’ x 8’. Moving into an abode or apartment with a maximum of three rooms? The container is a perfect match for you.
  • 16-foot container: This PODS container is about 16’ x 8’ x 8’. It’s a popular choice for moving into a home with a minimum of three rooms.

You’ll enjoy a range of perks if you decide to use a PODS container. Whether country or local moving, the PODS container service providers will do the driving for you, remember that it’s a cost-effective and secure way to keep your belongings.



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