Top 4 Home Renovations You Must Do for Optimal ROI


Every seller’s dream is to list their home in perfect shape and attract the best price within the shortest time after listing. However, for this to happen, a lot of preparation work goes on behind the scenes, including the painting jobs, specific room upgrades, and floor repairs. When done perfectly, some of these renovations can be why you sell your home at a good profit margin against the money you spent on the initial purchase. If you’re about to put your home on sale, these are the four home renovations you must do to attract a high ROI.

Minor Kitchen Renovations

Even a minor kitchen renovation project is crucial in marketing your home to potential buyers. Kitchens are important central locations for family chats, food preparation, and eating. Some buyers like them with ample countertops and nicely hung pendant lighting, while some can’t resist the beauty of designer cabinets and unique faucets. The kitchen features you upgrade or remodel can determine how fast your house moves and how much you fetch.

Depending on how much you’re willing to invest, your kitchen renovation can be as simple as updating fixtures, storage solutions, and lighting. It can also be as big as installing new countertops, redoing the tiles, and upgrading the appliances to meet the expectations of a certain market segment. Regardless of the project size, always seek the help of professionals like Easy Reno, so you don’t mess up and lose time and money.

Floor Repairs and Upgrades

Your home’s floor type and condition significantly influence the final buyer’s decision. Every home buyer wants a presentable floor with excellent tile finishes or a standard wooden floor that communicates class and excellence. If your floor is deteriorated, not even the fresh painting on your walls or the renovated kitchen would help convince a buyer to take the house.


A floor repair and upgrade help improve the overall appearance of your home, as this is your home’s most exposed and strategic feature of your interior space. When done professionally, a floor repair can attract high ROI once you sell, covering the losses you might have incurred in other areas.

Minor Bathroom Renovations

Since complete bathroom remodels are expensive and time-intensive, you can always opt for partial renovations to give your bathroom a new feeling. An old bathroom can make your home look less appealing and dated. Installing bathroom features like new shower heads, faucets, and a vanity, can make your bathroom more appealing to buyers, attracting attractive offers for a better ROI.

A Fresh Paint Job

How better to bring life back into your home than with a freshly done paint job? Painting your walls is an affordable solution to brighten your space, making your home appear fresh and clean. The main work here is choosing the ideal color for each room and space.


Neutral colors like gray, white, and beige are perfect for your living room walls. Romantic options like raspberry pink, violet purple, and ruby red are great for the bedroom. No matter what colors you choose, ensure the paint job is professionally done to highlight your home’s best features for optimal attraction and ROI.

A successful renovation project starts by understanding your home’s key pain points and addressing them in order of priority. If your kitchen is worse than the other spaces, give it more attention and resources to achieve a perfect balance. Always seek professional advice before starting any renovation work for optimal results.



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