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Is online blackjack rigged? This is a topic that many players want to ask, but never do. Shortly said, no! Still, without an explanation, no blog would be complete, and that’s where we come in today.

We’re going to attempt to address some of the most frequently asked questions and dispel these myths that online blackjack is rigged because online casino games are frequently criticized for being rigged especially online blackjack.

Sometimes it’s all in the casino selection. You run the danger of playing a rigged game if you choose a renegade casino without doing your homework. We do, nevertheless, have the information and resources you need to make sure this never happens. Let us thus examine.

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

Many people, frequently those who have never played, think that online casinos are rigged.

As long as you pick respectable, fully licensed, and regulated websites, online casinos are generally not rigged. It seems doubtful that a casino with a regulatory license will rig games and risk losing them. But there are rogue casinos, so make sure they are fully licensed.

Many people, frequently those who have never played before, think that online casinos are rigged. By extension, many assume online blackjack is rigged, too, so let’s look at how you might tell the0 difference between a respectable and a rogue casino.

How to Recognize a Dubious Casino Site

Blackjack is no different from other casino games you might enjoy, so if you locate a reliable casino, all the games will be safe to play.

However, since we know rogue casinos exist, let’s look at some things you may watch out for:

Do they Have a License?

We touched on this just now, but it is the most crucial item you should be checking. If there is no license information, it should instantly raise red lights for you.

Their license information is normally published at the bottom of their website; you may find further information in their terms and conditions.

You may also click on their licensing certificate to confirm their license is up to current and has not expired or been revoked.

Check Player Evaluations and Forums

Another effective approach to detect whether a casino is rogue is by checking player forums. There are hundreds of ratings on forums. If a casino is rogue, there’s a strong probability that someone has published a feedback about it.


Additionally, many casinos offer promotions such as free chips with no deposit for existing players, which can be discussed in these forums.

Check Whether the Site is Secure and Fair

If you are playing at a legitimate casino, they will have some encryption technology, like SSL, securing your personal information. If a casino does not have encryption, you do not want to play there, and there is every risk the casino is rogue. The same regulations apply and you may play at a mobile casino if that is more convenient.

The casino ought to put up fairness information as well. This might be details about their games that are shown to be fair or their random number generator.

Look for Customer Support

There is at least one assistance option available at most, if not all, casinos. Live chat is the most often used one. Before you play, it’s usually a good idea to speak with customer support. If you can’t locate any help choices, please keep using the other checkpoints on the list to see if any further warning indicators show.

View Payout Schedules

And last, consider the withdrawal procedures offered by the casinos as well as their duration. Please keep utilizing the other checkpoints to make sure you are not playing at a rogue casino if anything is giving you the creeps.

How Could Online Blackjack Be Rigged, in Our Opinion?

Online blackjack has always been viewed with suspicion, and some players are left wondering just how rigged it is. Simply said, however, it’s not, and ever since casinos went online, the notion has changed. It’s easy to believe a casino would rig the game since, while playing blackjack, we can’t see what we can do at land-based casinos.

Though it’s easy to think that the casino may rig the game to trick you since everything is computerized, most players have inflated blackjack expectations.

The house advantage will be there and you can’t win every time, just as in any other casino game. Those who haven’t won are the ones who often say online blackjack is rigged. Nevertheless, blackjack is a risky game; you might lose a lot of money at times. You will sometimes win big, it works both ways, but the house advantage means you will most often lose more than you win.

If you’ve played at casinos before, you won’t find it shocking; you already know that it holds for every game.

How Can I Tell if My Online Blackjack Game Is Rigged?

Does a rigged online blackjack exist? Not really. But is online blackjack fair? You may use every tool and checkpoint that we have previously posted on our site.

Furthermore, some players are curious about the possibility of detecting a rigged online live blackjack game. Do live internet casinos have rigged blackjack? Not really.

One of the most well-known incidents to date, however, occurred years ago when a client saw a dealer engaging in second dealing—taking the second card from the top rather than the top card. But this proved the software provider’s error rather than a rigged game.


You only need to utilize what we have provided you on the site and have your wits about you to determine whether online live blackjack or any other game of blackjack is rigged.

Casinos have to keep their licensing in order or else they run the danger of having it withdrawn and losing revenue. This is why casinos will play fair games, and there are still few odds of playing at a rogue casino with rigged games.

Security and Avoiding Computerized Games

You can be sure a respectable casino is not rigged since security protocols will be in place. This covers government officials auditing the games. To provide you peace of mind, casinos may provide this information online.

Third-party audits of the majority of casino games will guarantee their fair results and safety of play. This also covers the generation of random numbers for random outcomes.

Licensed casinos are required to undergo compliance tests; failing to do so would jeopardize their license. Most casino websites should provide details on security and fairness.

Casinos may furthermore be certified by the London-based testing and standards body eCOGRA. An additional strong sign that the games are not rigged is the presence of this seal.

Select a Reputable and Dependable Casino

We hope by now you have all the resources necessary to verify the safety of your casinos, which should always come first.

Selecting a reputable and well-known casino might well be the secret to your success since, should you win at a rogue casino, you probably won’t ever see your money.



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