How to Ensure You Get the Coolest Deal from Your Roof Repair Contractor


Roof repair doesn’t usually come cheap. However, if you’re a homeowner and notice some roof damage, you’ll likely need a professional. You can always tackle the job yourself if you like DIY projects, but without experience, it could come out badly. Also, you can easily injure yourself if you’re doing work up on your roof.

You should look for a roof repair contractor in your area if you see damage from a windstorm, snow, rain, or any other weather event. Sometimes, just a roof’s age can cause damage, and it is not so much a single weather event that did it.

Regardless of how the damage occurred, you will want to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal from the contractor you hire. You can do that if you follow the instructions on our list.

Get Multiple Quotes

First, you should make sure that you get multiple quotes. That is true with roof repair but also any other kind of home repair project or installation. Some inexperienced homeowners do not feel they should go through this process. That is always your prerogative.

However, if you take the first quote a roofing company gives you, you’ll never know if you could get a cheaper option. Some homeowners want at least three quotes before they accept a bid. Some may want even more than that.


You should also not let a company bully you. If you’re unsure about a quote or a company, and you feel they’re pressuring you, you can always tell them you’re going with someone else.

Remember, you’re in control. Most companies won’t do this, but if they feel you’re inexperienced or that you’re not sure what you’re doing, you may occasionally have an unscrupulous business entity that might take advantage.

Look at Each Company’s Reputation

You should also study each company and look at their reputation before you commit. The cheapest price does you little good if you’re dealing with an entity that isn’t credible.

You might look at their website and see whether it seems professional. Often, you can tell a great deal about a company by their site.

If the site seems spammy and has popups, that’s not a good sign. If you see obvious stock photos rather than professionally taken ones, that’s not the best indication you’re dealing with a reputable entity.

More than anything else, though, look at customer feedbacks. If you don’t see any, or if you see a lot of negative ones, you should probably go with another option. Lots of five-star ratings mean you’re dealing with a more trustworthy company. If they have been in business for a long time, that’s often a positive sign as well.

Ask Them About Any Possible Discounts

You can also ask each company you consider whether you can get any kind of deal or discount. Maybe they will give you a slightly better offer if you pay for the repairs all at once rather than setting up a payment plan. You might also ask whether they will knock the price down if you pay in cash. Some companies will do that.

See How Much the Average Price of Your Repairs Should Cost

Most homeowners don’t know exactly how much a roof repair should cost. Unless you’re a contractor, you’re not an expert. However, these days, a simple Google search can reveal a lot.

If a roof repair company gives you a number, you can easily go online and see how much the job should cost. You might not see an identical quote, but the price the internet tells you should give you some indication of what you might reasonably pay.


If a roof repair business gives you a quote that is twice what the internet says you should pay, you’ll know they’re trying to rip you off. Also, you should feel at least a little suspicious if a company gives you a much lower quote than any of the others.

If one candidate offers you a quote that’s much too low, make sure you check their credentials. Maybe they’re not licensed, or they don’t have any insurance.

You want a good deal, but you also don’t want someone up there who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Someone who’s clearly unprofessional shouldn’t do the job, even if they say they can give you the best price.

Take your time, and pick a company that seems reputable and reasonable.



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