Upgrade your Bathroom With These Flooring Ideas


There’s so much to say about upgrading your bathroom flooring. When it’s done well, your bathroom can be much more than a functional space – it can be your own private haven of pampered peace. After all, this is the floor you’ll sink into as you step into the shower or gently lower yourself into the bath – it can set the tone for the rest of your day.

With the latest flooring technology providing both durability and water resistance as well as stunning good looks, it’s important to choose the best option for your bathroom. From wood-look tiles to polished concrete, there’s something for every style and budget. Getting to know what makes a great bathroom floor – such as slip resistance and easy cleaning – will help you create your own beautiful bathroom space.

As you contemplate your bathroom upgrade, consider how your new flooring will work with the fixtures and decor you already have in place. Will they work in harmony with each other for a cohesive look, or would they be better suited as contrasting features that provide a visual punch? Your bathroom is an important part of your home, so let’s ensure it truly reflects your style and needs.

Exploring Flooring Materials

If you’re upgrading your bathroom, your flooring will set the tone for your design and influence the whole feel of the room.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

A classic option, ceramic and porcelain tiles offer durability as well as variety. They’re water resistant and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for your bathroom. Porcelain is denser than ceramic and an ideal option for busy bathrooms as it’s more durable under foot traffic.

Natural Stone

If you’re looking to introduce luxury to your space and add unique character, natural stone flooring is unparalleled. Marble, granite, and slate offer an earthy depth, and each slab is individual with rich veins and patterns. Natural stone is an investment in your home but can enhance its value and appeal. It does need to be sealed to retain its beauty and protect against water, so consider this before you commit.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring is a relatively new addition to the world of bathroom interiors. It delivers the appearance and texture of far more expensive materials, such as hardwood, at a fraction of the cost. Not only does it look great, but it’s also super water-resistant and comfortable underfoot – making it an ideal choice for a moist room.


With every material offering unique benefits, your decision will be based on the combination of the style you love and the functionality you need to suit your bathroom requirements.

Latest Flooring Trends

If you’re ready for a completely new look, the latest bathroom flooring ideas offer you so much more than just style. These chic trends will elevate your bathroom space and provide you with both stunning looks and practicality.

Graphic Patterns

Bold and beautiful graphic patterns make a statement on bathroom floors. A wide range of geometric shapes and bold colors are available, giving you the option to create your own unique mood. From herringbone to chevrons and intricate mosaic tiles, a patterned floor delivers both an artistic effect and timeless beauty.

Textured Finishes

If you love natural textures, look no further than the latest trend in bathroom flooring. With their natural stone and wood grain looks, these slip-resistant options have a tactile surface and offer both safety and a spa-like atmosphere.

  • Wood-Look Tile: Offering the warmth of wood with the moisture resistance of tile.
  • Stone Effect: An earthy, solid character for your bathroom space.

Eco-Friendly Choices

Now, your bathroom floor can show you’re environmentally aware. Sustainable and biome-friendly materials such as cork and bamboo are just some of the eco choices on offer.

  • Cork: A natural antimicrobial with comfort underfoot.
  • Bamboo: Strong, renewable, and available in a range of tones.

Installation Techniques

The way your bathroom flooring is installed can greatly affect its durability and overall look. If you’re a hands-on home improver or you’re planning to hire a professional, it’s worth getting to know the process.

Professional vs. DIY

You may prefer to hire a professional to ensure your floor is installed to the highest standard, particularly if you’ve chosen a delicate material that requires expert handling, such as ceramic tiles or natural stone.


If you’re comfortable with the installation process, doing it yourself can save money and give you a real sense of achievement. It’s worth considering what tasks you need to complete and ensuring you’re up to the job. Different types of flooring will have different installation processes, so make sure you do your research.

  • Pros of Professional Installation
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Time saved
  • Pros of DIY Installation
  • Money saved
  • Sense of achievement

Subfloor Preparation

Before you install your new flooring, your subfloor needs to be perfectly smooth. It should be clean, dry and even. Any irregularity can cause cracking or uneven wearing, so it’s essential to get this right. If you’re unsure about how to prepare your subfloor, seek advice or hire professionals to save yourself from expensive mistakes.

  • Checklist for Subfloor Preparation
  1. Clear away debris and dirt.
  2. Test for moisture; invest in a moisture meter if needed.
  3. Make sure the surface is level; sand down or fill as required.

Waterproofing Essentials

Waterproofing your bathroom is an absolutely essential task. It prevents water damage, mould growth and substrate degradation. Around baths and sinks you’ll need a sealant, and in prone areas you may need waterproof membranes or backer boards. This is one step where it pays to take your time – a few extra minutes now can save you hours of effort later on.

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